We are engaged in CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR of different types of VESSELS, ON-SHORE AND OFF-SHORE STRUCTURES SUCH AS LANDING CRAFT, BARGE, TUG, SELF-PROPELLED BARGE, AND SHIP in various tonnage capacities with highest standard quality.

We have the expert, creative and reliable manpower that taking care of corresponding projects in consideration of our customers’ budget and deadline. Proper coordination and keen observations to every detail are two of the key points that our people is employing in delivering our valuable customers’ needs.

  • Services:
    • Designing and building landing crafts, tugs, barges, propelled barges
    • Designing and building all types of off-shore and on-shore structures
  • Features:
    • Capable to design as per any customer's demand and requirements
    • Comply and observe all international standards in the design and construction
    • Efficient speed in building and implementation of the projects
    • Supply all types of required materials in all phases of building vessels
    • Import required materials and tools from international markets

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Unit 2207, 22nd Floor, Julphar Office Tower,
Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 12247

   +971 7 227 9792
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