Our company is one of the biggest INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT) producers in the region and has been engaged in local and international markets. Our INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT) mine has a rich reservoir and we are also maintaining special yard for depositing and loading our own products including but not limited to INDUSTRIAL SALT (ROCK SALT). Consequently, in our salt production, we are using wide range of updated machineries and production lines; sizing and packing equipment in meeting all of our customers’ demands. We are also capable of delivering large orders of salt and consignments in bulk.

Applications :

  • Chlorine manufacturing
  • In petrochemical manufacturing
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • Caustic Soda manufacturing
  • In animal feed
  • In curing of hides
  • Soap and detergent manufacturing
  • As water softeners
  • In highway or road deicing
  • In textile industries
  • In paper and pulp industries
  • In drilling

Packaging :

  • 35 kg per bag
  • 50 kg per bag
  • 1 ton jumbo bag
  • 1.5 tons jumbo bag
  • 2 tons jumbo bag


specifications :

1 . Industrial Salt                

2 . Deicing Salt (Type A)     

3 . Deicing Salt (Type B)    

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