Logistics and Land Transportation

In rendering logistics services, we are known for providing best logistics and land transportation services in the port. With its updated exclusive land transport fleet, it does not face any restrictions to its on-time delivery of raw materials to the berthing facilities at port.

Port Facilities

Suitable port facilities with dedicated stock yard for the storage of raw materials and exclusive shipping and forwarding agency for easy carrying out of relevant works particularly port handling, loading, discharging and customs’ clearing operations with all customs formalities; as well as warehousing and facilitating timely receiving of customers’ consignments.

Marine Transport Operations

We have highly active fleet including several ships with 2,000 and 5,000 Deadweight Tonnes (DWT) carriage capacities that always provide our customers timely in-house delivery. This also serves as assurance that all of our consignments will be sent to any point of the countries located in Persian Gulf area.

Ship Building

We are engaged in construction of different types of vessels, on-shore and off-shore structures such as Landing Craft, Barge, Tug, Self-Propelled Barge, and ship in various tonnage capacities with highest and most standard quality.

  • Services:
    • Designing and Building Landing Crafts, Tugs, Barges, propelled barges
    • Designing and Building all types of off-shore and on-shore structures
  • Features:
    • Capable to design as per any customer's demand and requirements
    • Comply and observe all international standards in the design and construction
    • Efficient speed in building and implementation of the projects
    • Supply of all types of required materials in all phases of building vessels
    • Import of required materials and tools from international markets

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