Gypsum Factories

Our own GYPSUM FACTORIES have many years of experience in the production and exportation of GYPSUM POWDER, GYPSUM BOARDS, and GYPSUM CEILING TILE locally and internationally. It has the most equipped gypsum production plants that employ the most updated machineries and equipment based on latest technology in conformity with modern standards.

Our GYPSUM FACTORIES produce high quality products such as CALCINED GYPSUM POWDER, GYPSUM BOARD and GYPSUM CEILING TILE. Our CALCINED GYPSUM POWDER is available in two particle sizes: 100 and 200 mesh. Our GYPSUM BOARD is being manufactured in different sizes and types such as Regular, Fire Wall and Moisture Resistant. Our GYPSUM CEILING TILE is available in different patterns and also laminated with PVC on its surface and aluminum foil on its back.

Contact us

Unit 2207, 22nd Floor, Julphar Office Tower,
Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 12247

   +971 7 227 9792
   +971 7 227 9699